The Accidental Chimney Sweep

Are you looking for an Alameda chimney cleaner? Meet Sally McKnight—Sal to her friends, the woman behind The Irish Sweep. This is the story of how she got an unexpected start in the industry.

Sally Answers an Ad

In 1982, Sally responded to an advertisement that was placed by Jim Halloran, a hot-headed New Yorker from Brooklyn who started the original company in the 70s with guts and determination, but no real plan. He hired her to work part time in the office, answering phones and scheduling appointments.

lafayette chimney cleaner

She was a fast typist at a time when things were still done by hand, but she didn’t yet know anything about fireplaces or chimneys so she wasn’t (in her own words) an “effective communicator with customers.” Truth be told, Jim Halloran didn’t know much more than his new office assistant did, but he struck out to learn from experience.

This is a photo of him with his first sweeping vehicle and his trusty dog, Sweeper.

lafayette chimney cleaner

One day, Halloran asked Sally if she would be willing to ride along with him in the van and sweep some chimneys. He needed an extra set of hands. She agreed and that was the beginning of their future partnership. Of that initial experience, Sally said, “Well, I went out there and just loved being outdoors all day long, meeting new people along the way, working in some amazing homes and gaining new skills.” She quit her other retail position and joined the business full time.


But it wasn’t easy. Not only were they learning on the job, but when she first began, some customers called her a “powder puff” and questioned how a woman could do the work, while others wouldn’t let her touch their fireplace unless she sang and danced “Chim-Chimney”—from the beloved children’s movie Mary Poppins.

Buying The Irish Sweep

Later, a partnership was formed and Sally became half owner of The Irish Sweep. But eventually she became frustrated with Jim and offered him a buyout.  She scraped together enough cash to purchase Halloran’s half of the business. The year was 1988. A lot has changed since then, but Sally is still the dynamic force behind The Irish Sweep.

Since those early years, she has become an educator in her community, having sat on the Board of Directors for the National Chimney Sweep Guild and for the Chimney Safety Institute of America. She has also been President of the Golden State Chimney Sweep Guild, and now serves as treasurer. Not bad for a “powder puff.”

Talk to an Alameda Chimney Cleaner

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Is the Height of Your Chimney a Seismic Liability?

When was the last time you took a good look at your chimney? If you’re like most homeowners, it’s probably been a while since you gave it any thought. But a word of warning from a local chimney cleaner, the height of your chimney can actually become an earthquake liability, especially here in California. Should you reduce the height of your chimney?

Bay Area Chimneys

Chimney height reduction or seismic liability reduction are the same thing. In the Bay Area, we get most of our wet weather coming in from the south. What this ultimately means for homeowners is that south-facing chimneys deteriorate faster than they would if they were built on any other side of the house. Remember, the mortar that holds them together is water soluble. As a Lafayette chimney cleaner, this is one of the most dangerous things we see.

Reasons to Reduce Your Chimney Height

Over time, chimneys in our area become unsupported masonry structures that were exposed to the elements for a hundred years. Just think of what you would look like if you stood outside for decades in the rain and the sun!

A good reason to reduce the height of your chimney is to lower the risk of earthquake damage. More than a couple significant fault lines cross through the Bay Area, including the San Andreas Fault and 6 others that pose considerable risk. Just imagine the destruction of your chimney crashing into the yard, or in the direction of your neighbor’s home. Any Lafayette chimney cleaner will tell you what a serious hazard a leaning or broken chimney is.

Note that an unlined chimney is more susceptible to seismic activity, meaning it’s more likely to break during an earthquake. This is a good reason to reduce your chimney’s height and install a gas burning fireplace insert.

When Mortar Turns to Sand

Here’s an example of a broken chimney that had become a worrisome seismic liability. As you can see in the photo, this is an issue of poor water management around the perimeter foundation of the house. Because mortar is water soluble, chimneys wick up groundwater. So, if there are downspouts dumping water near the base of the chimney, it draws in the water, turning the mortar into sand. Of course, this process doesn’t occur overnight, but given enough time, it creates a dangerous situation that needs to be taken care of.

Bear in mind that the chimney is the heaviest part of any house, so this would be problematic even in states where earthquakes are uncommon. When the soil around the base of the chimney gets wet, that soft soil allows the chimney to sink. This is something most homeowners aren’t aware of, but it’s common knowledge if you’re a Lafayette chimney cleaner. It’s a glacially-slow process, but after enough rainy seasons have passed, it can weaken the entire structure. This creates a chimney that is more vulnerable to seismic activity. In fact, the chimney can be pulled apart from the fireplace fascia.

Talk to a Lafayette Chimney Cleaner

Gas-burning fireplace inserts don’t need a lot of height for venting, so you might consider installing one if you choose to reduce the height of your chimney. To schedule an appointment with The Irish Sweep, call us at (510)521-4088, or use this simple contact form by clicking here. Your safety is our number one priority. That’s why our team is taking special precautions during the pandemic. We look forward to hearing from you.

How To Know If My Chimney Is Safe?

Lafayette chimney cleaner? Building a fire when it’s cold outside can help you save on heating costs. It can also create a romantic and cozy atmosphere. But how do you know if your fireplace is really safe to use? Don’t ever assume that your chimney is functioning properly. As the cold season approaches, here are some things you need to know about professional chimney inspection.

The Importance of Chimney Services

Most of us look forward to this time of year when the leaves begin to change, and we can enjoy the holiday season with loved ones and wear our favorite sweaters. But before you light those logs in your fireplace, the chimney should be inspected by a professional.

In this age of DIY, you may be wondering if it’s possible to do your own chimney inspection. We love DIY projects at The Irish Sweep, but we don’t recommend them when it comes to the safety of your home.

An inspection can identify issues with your fireplace and chimney before they become dangerous. When a chimney isn’t functioning as it was designed to, the risk of fire increases. Another concern is that a blockage could cause harmful gas and smoke to build up inside your home. This can  result in serious illness, or even death.

Resolve Issues

If you have any questions about chimney and fireplace maintenance, it’s best to contact an experienced professional who knows the industry inside and out.

One of the benefits of scheduling a regular chimney inspection is that it can cut down on the need for chimney repairs. And, of course, no homeowner wants to pay for expensive repair work, especially when it could have been prevented.

If everything looks good, you’ll have peace of mind while using your fireplace. But if any issues are identified, you’ll be able to take care of them right away. Remember, don’t put off having minor chimney repairs resolved because they can turn into bigger problems. Or, even create risks for your household.

Schedule a Lafayette Chimney Cleaner Inspection

This is a great time of year to schedule an appointment with a Lafayette chimney cleaner to verify everything is working the way it should. Fall is ideal because it’s just beginning to get chilly at night.

So, if it’s been a while since your last chimney inspection, give us a call at The Irish Sweep. We’re here to answer all your questions. Contact us at (510) 521-4088.