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Masonry Repairs

Masonry Repairs

The structural integrity of your chimney is pivotal to ensuring your home’s soundness and your fireplace safety. Just as with any form of construction, your chimney is prone to damage and degradation which can give rise to the need for masonry repairs. Chimney masonry repairs is particularly important to address early to ensure the preservation and maintenance of your existing chimney. With years of field service and professional masonry qualifications to offer, Irish Sweep can guarantee outstanding Bay Area chimney masonry repairs for a more secure and resilient result.

Chimney masonry damage and weakness should not go ignored. Even what appears to be minor damage to a chimney’s structure can require significant work, time, and effort to repair. Left unrepaired, minor damage can quickly escalate into major issues costing thousands of dollars to fix.

Chimney masonry problems can occur within the mortar or within the bricks themselves. Mortar is designed to be softer than brick so that it will yield as the bricks expand and contract with temperature fluctuations. However, this also means that mortar can wear down or erode relatively quickly, and needs to be replaced. Chimney repointing is the process of repairing the mortar in your chimney and realigning the brickwork for improved aesthetics and performance.

Damaged bricks in your chimney need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Damaged bricks are susceptible to water damage and rapid deterioration, so putting off brick repair on your chimney can mean greater damage and a more expensive repair. Irish Sweep provides timely and comprehensive brickwork and mortar repairs to ensure your chimney functions perfectly and is protected against further damage.

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Chimney masonry issues require the expert attention of an experienced and qualified chimney professional to safely correct. Irish Sweep offers expert consultation, inspection and analysis to identify your chimney masonry issues and applies the correct repair procedure to ensure your chimney continues to function well for years to come.

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