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Fireplace Insert Installation

Fireplace Insert Installation

Offering the highest quality products, expert service and craftsmanship, Irish Sweep provide installation for a number of key fireplace insert installation products and sustainable heating options.

Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Installation

Wood burning fireplace insert installation transform your open fireplace into a highly efficient, environmentally friendly, wood burning heating device. Irish Sweep provides expert installation of wood burning fireplace inserts across the Bay Area, to ensure you retain the charm of your fireplace, while upgrading the efficiency, safety and sustainability of your home.

Wood Burning Chimney

The design of an open fireplace causes a large portion of generated heat to be lost through the chimney. Wood burning stoves and gas log fires are more efficient, but many homeowners prefer the classic style and charm of an old-fashioned fireplace. Wood burning inserts allow you to have the best of both worlds by working as a more efficient burner in the setting of a traditional fireplace. Wood burning fireplace insert installation release less smoke and lower emissions, and provide even better heating results than an open fire.

Wood Burning Device

Irish Sweep takes a unique approach to installing wood burning fireplace inserts to incorporate the style and design of each individual fireplace. Let Irish Sweep show you how to convert your traditional fireplace into a more environmentally friendly, high efficiency and low maintenance heating appliance with wood burning inserts.

Artificial Gas Logs

Artificial gas log fires add a touch of minimalistic and simple elegance to your home in the Bay Area. Artificial gas log fires are valued for their clean burn and efficient heat production, with the use of natural gas as fuel. Artificial gas log fires produce no ash, soot or smoke, so you can enjoy the benefits of natural fire with none of the messy cleaning. As a greener source of heat, gas log fires are particularly valued for environmentally conscious homes in the Bay Area. While artificial gas log fires provide the sophistication and ambience of a natural wood burning fire, they require no wood fuel, and are safer and cleaner than wood fireplaces.

Irish Sweep specializes in providing premium artificial gas log fire installation in Bay Area homes. Perfect for stylish contemporary spaces and fitting in beautifully to traditional homes, there’s a gas log fire design to match your unique interior. Let Irish Sweep help you find the perfect green heating solution with a gas log fire for your home.

Gas Log Lighter Replacement

While artificial gas log fires require minimal maintenance and cleaning, gas log lighter replacement is necessary from time to time. Gas log lighters can become damaged with wear and develop holes where they shouldn’t. A damaged lighter may provide too much gas too soon, resulting in jumping flames, or it may fail to light your fire altogether. Irish Sweep can provide expert maintenance and lighter replacement for your artificial gas log fire to ensure it continues to run smoothly and efficiently. Irish Sweep regularly replaces damaged gas log lighters in homes across the Bay Area, and can provide you with quick and efficient service to get your fire running again in no time.

Glass Door Enclosures

Irish Sweep also provides Concord Dryer Vents and can help you create the fireplace you’ve always dreamed of.

Irish Sweep provides and installs glass door enclosures for all fireplace designs and varieties. Glass door enclosures provide many benefits for your fireplace insert installation. Glass doors provide a level of protection by being a shield for flying sparks and embers and protecting open fires from fabrics and curious hands. Glass door enclosures have been proven to prevent injuries and reduce the risk of fires, protecting you and your family.

Glass door enclosures also provide a level of insulation from the direct heat produce by a fire. Glass door enclosures provide a perfect, clear view of your fire, while acting as a protective barrier. Reducing the spread of ash, dust and soot, glass door enclosures help to minimize fireplace cleanup.

Glass door enclosures provide benefits even when your fire is not in use. Acting as a level of insulation between your home and your chimney, glass door enclosures help to keep your home warm and cozy.

Irish Sweep provides a number of glass door fire enclosures to match the needs of each individual household and fireplace. Irish Sweep’s glass door enclosures are of the highest quality, so you can be assured of outstanding performance, safety and quality. With a custom approach and outstanding service, Irish Sweep also provide Dryer Vents Cleaning and can help you create the fireplace insert installation you’ve always dreamed of.

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