Concord Chimney Cleaning

We understand better than most the implications and danger of not having a chimney swept and maintained, especially with the earth movement we experience here in the Bay Area. At The Irish Sweep Inc., we understand that it can be an inconvenience yet a necessary part of owning a home.

We offer a multitude of Danville Chimney Cleaner team and high quality cleaning services to our customers at The Irish Sweep, Inc. and dedicate ourselves to educating homeowners in the East Bay and provide them the information they need to make the best possible decisions regarding their fireplace and chimney. Offering options is an important part of our service.

The chimney sweep industry has their own unique language used to describe products, materials and the anatomy of a chimney, we are terminology specific and very patiently spend time with our customers to help them learn this new language.

Lafayette Chimney Cleaning

We appreciate your business and go to great lengths to clean and inspect your masonry fireplace, factory built fireplace, dryer vent system, wood burning stove or insert appropriately.

Berkeley Chimney Cleaning

Inspection of your fireplace and chimney is carried out in accordance to the standards as put forth in the NFPA 211. We offer Level I or Level II inspections. Level II inspections provides the most accurate information and requires the use of our Remove Vision System. A Level II inspection allows us to see all the interior surfaces in the chimney to determine the overall internal integrity and ascertain if the chimney is fire safe.

Oakland Chimney Cleaning

We can address most large projects such as chimney demolition, re-construction, chimney replacement with stainless steel and the installation of stainless steel chimney liners.

Alameda Chimney Cleaning

We also enjoy the smaller projects like the re-construction of a firebox back wall or even the whole firebox, exterior waterproofing of the chimney, installations of flue caps with spark arrestors, combination top sealing damper, glass door enclosures, artificial gas logs, wood or gas burning fireplace inserts.