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Chimney Services

Chimney Services

Looking after a chimney is important for essential home maintenance. A clean and functional chimney maintains proper fireplace performance, protects the home from smoke, fire and carbon monoxide and keeps the fireplace both beautiful and safe. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and the CSIA (Chimney Safety Institute of America) recommend that chimneys and fireplaces be inspected, cleaned and maintained at least once a year for optimum safety and cleanliness.

The Best Chimney Services For Your Fireplace

Irish Sweep is the best chimney services provider in the Bay Area for efficient, safe services and outstanding cleaning results. Irish Sweep can clean deposits from the chimney, evaluate the integrity of the chimney and provide assurance that the chimney and fireplace are up to safety codes and appropriate standards. Whether enjoying cozy evenings by a roaring open fire, or the charming warmth of a wood burning fireplace insert, Irish Sweep can provide the expert service to enhance the unique comfort experience.

Open Fireplaces

Creosote, ash and other deposits can build up over time within your fireplace chimney, narrowing the chimney opening and increasing the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.In the case of an open fireplace, regular chimney cleaning and maintenance is even more essential.Nothing compares to the comfort and elegance of an open fireplace.

If you have an open fireplace in your Bay Area home, Irish Sweep can provide the perfect service and cleaning to keep your open fireplace roaring bright and strong.Deposit buildups are also unstable and can contribute to disintegration and destabilization of your chimney structure.

This can lead to a collapse at any time.Without proper service and care, ash and debris can fall from your open fireplace. This makes for an expensive and difficult cleanup. Irish Sweep keeps you home comfortable and safe with expert best chimney services for Bay Area open fireplaces.

Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

More efficient than open fireplaces and perfect for keeping the whole home or a large room warm and cozy, wood burning fireplace inserts are a popular natural heating option across the greater Bay Area. Regular chimney cleaning helps your wood burning fireplace insert to function more safely and efficiently. Thorough chimney cleaning is essential to reduce carbon monoxide release from your fireplace insert.

This helps maintain the integrity of your chimney. Even the smallest amount of creosote buildup in your chimney can create the conditions for a chimney fire. The Bay Area best chimney services technicians at Irish Sweep are expertly trained to remove maximum soot, debris, ash and creosote buildup for a cleaner, more efficient chimney. Irish Sweep provides the best wood burning fireplace insert chimney cleaning to keep your home cozy and warm while keeping your indoor air quality fresh and home safe.

The addition of a wood burning fireplace insert transforms your fireplace into a highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating source. Wood burning fireplace inserts function within the space of an existing fireplace. They help maximize the heat retained in your home compared to a traditional open fireplace. Irish Sweep specialize in installing, cleaning and maintain wood burning fireplace inserts, so you can enjoy all the benefits of a natural wood burning fire, without the emissions and heat loss.

Wood burning inserts are designed to burn up the harmful combustion byproducts that traditional open fireplaces release. They are more environmentally friendly than open fireplaces. With the proper service and maintenance, wood burning fireplace insert chimneys are very safe and clean. With the cleaning offered by Irish Sweep across the Bay Area, your wood burning fireplace insert can function more efficiently and effectively than your previous fireplace.

Repairs To Chimney Liners

Chimney liners must be kept strong, clean and intact to protect your home from the risk of fire.You may not be able to see your chimney liner, but it is essential for your fireplace. A chimney liner protects your chimney from damage and maintains its structure and integrity, as well as making your chimney fire safe. Chimney liners can become damaged over time as deposits build up inside them, time and usage weaken the liner material.

At Irish Sweep, our priority is finding the right solution to match the needs of your home and family while keeping it safer.

Irish Sweep can replace your current liner with a stainless-steel chimney liner inside your existing chimney. Stainless-steel liners are incredibly durable and safe. Stainless-steel liners can help to improve the safety of your fireplace. Installing a stainless -steel chimney liner involves removing the backwall of your firebox to sculpt a new smoke chamber. This process allows the stainless -steel chimney liner to be properly fitted and maintained.

Irish Sweep also specialize in coating the inside of a chimney with HeatShield ceramic material to make it fire safe. The ceramic material helps to insulate and absorb heat, protecting your home from fire.

Installation Of Dampers And Flue Caps

As a part of our best chimney services, Irish Sweep can also install dampers and flue caps for your fireplace or stove.

A fireplace damper can be installed on your chimney can help retain warmth, similar to a glass door enclosure, in your home for greater efficiency and comfort. A damper is like a valve that can be opened and closed to allow air to pass through your chimney. When burning anything, the damper should always be left open to allow smoke, ash and embers to escape. However, when there is no fire burning, the damper can be shut. This prevents drafts and the escape of warm air through the chimney when there is no fire burning. Dampers can improve the temperature control and energy efficiency of your home.

Irish Sweep are your experts for professional installation or replacement for Bay Area chimney dampers. We can both fit and install the right damper for your fireplace, while removing an old damper.

Irish Sweep can also install flue caps to protect your chimney from water intrusion. Flue caps, also known as chimney caps, protect the opening of your chimney. Flue caps prevent the entry of rain and debris through your chimney opening. They prevent pests and animals from climbing down your chimney. And they stop embers flying out of your chimney which could land on your roof and start a fire.

Flue caps come in many different designs according to your tastes, needs and sizing. Irish Sweep can measure and assess your chimney for the right flue cap and provide safe, professional installation of chimney caps. Stainless steel flue cap installation can be dangerous. Irish Sweep offers the best chimney services: convenient, effective and safe solution for expert installation of flue caps in the Bay Area.



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