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Chimney Inspections

Chimney Inspections

A professional chimney inspections from Irish Sweep can help to assess your chimneys condition and structural integrity, so you can enjoy the warmth of your fire in greater comfort and safety.  We do a photographic, documented camera inspection for your security and records.

A clean, secure and sturdy chimney is essential to the proper functioning of your fireplace inserts. Although you might not be able to see it, the condition of the inside of your chimney is important. Chimneys with blockages can contribute to poor indoor air quality or carbon monoxide poisoning. Creosote buildup can increase the risk of chimney fires and house fires. Structural damage within your chimney can put your chimney at risk of collapsing at any time, and particularly in the event of an earthquake.

Chimney Inspections Safety

The safety of your chimney is directly related to how clean it is. Over time, ash, soot and debris can build up inside your chimney, preventing the safe removal of smoke and carbon monoxide from your fire. Hundreds of carbon monoxide poisonings occur each year due to the inadequate ventilation of heating appliances, and many of these result in death. A professional chimney inspections from Irish Sweep can assess the ventilation of your chimney for your safety.

Creosote buildup on the inside of a chimney is also a concern. As creosote buildup gets thicker, it becomes flammable. Having a flammable substance directly above an open flame can create the perfect conditions for a chimney fire. A professional chimney inspections offered by Irish Sweep can assess the buildup in your chimney and recommend the best Walnut Creek chimney cleaning and maintenance service for your needs.

Structural Issues

Just as with any other piece of construction, your chimney is subject to damage and degradation. Although you can’t see it from the outside, structural issues can arise in your chimney over time and create a significant safety concern. Heavy buildup and high heat in your chimney can further degrade chimney structure. This can lead to the potential that your chimney may collapse at any time, causing damage to your home and leaving you with an expensive clean up.

The professional Bay Area chimney inspections conducted by Irish Sweep assess your chimney condition and structural integrity, and can provide the appropriate repairs when needed.

Seismic Safety

A particular area of concern for all homes and structures in the Bay Area is seismic safety. Brick chimneys are often overlooked as a potential hazard in the case of an earthquake, and most homeowners don’t take adequate measures for their safety. Chimneys actually account for the most common form of damage during Bay Area earthquakes. During an earthquake, the shifting ground can quickly weaken the mortar in a brick chimney and turn the bricks into projectiles. A collapsing brick chimney can cause widespread damage to a home, and neighboring houses.

Irish Sweep specialize in assessing the condition of your chimney and inspecting it for earthquake safety. The Irish Sweep chimney technicians can inspect your chimney for signs of previous earthquake damage, and help protect and reinforce your chimney for future earthquake events.

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