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Chimney Removal

Chimney Removal

If you have decided to remove or upgrade your fireplace, you may also want to remove your chimney. Removing a chimney correctly and safety takes time and care to ensure your house remains safe, aesthetically pleasing and well-insulated. Irish Sweep offers expert chimney cleaning in Alameda and chimney removal Oakland to ensure your home structure is kept sturdy and secure while updating your space to reflect your current needs and desires.

There are many reasons for removing a chimney. You may decide you no longer want a fireplace, so removing your chimney makes sense. Unused chimneys create a ‘hole’ in your insulation which can increase your heating and cooling costs. Old, unused chimneys may also contribute to damp and mold in a room. Removing a chimney can help to create more space and ‘open up’ an area in your room, which can be particularly valuable in small spaces. If your chimney is damaged, removing it may also be the cheapest option to correct and resolve the issue.

Partial chimney removal is also possible to retain some of the chimney while removing the problematic parts. Depending on the analysis and inspection of chimney removal Oakland, Irish Sweep may be able to remove your chimney stack below the roof, or parts of the chimney within the house or attic.

The Best Chimney Removal Oakland

Our top priority at Irish Sweep is safety, and that is the first factor we address in our professional chimney removal Oakland. With the experience and skill to analyze chimney structure and integrity, the chimney experts at Irish Sweep start by inspecting and planning the best chimney removal method for your unique structure. Irish Sweep’s chimney removal is careful and methodical to ensure your family’s safety, and the integrity of your home. Our years of experience allow us to understand how a chimney works with the structure of your home, to plan the most effective removal and achieve a flawless result.

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