FAQ: How Does Ceramic Coating Work For My Chimney?

Your chimney plays a vital role when it comes to the safety of your fireplace. Many homeowners are amazed to hear that poor chimney maintenance is a leading cause of house fires, but it’s true. So, here are some things ceramic coating can do for your chimney and why it’s worth considering this season.

How Does Ceramic Coating Work?

When ceramic coating is sprayed into your chimney, it seals any existing gaps or cracks. This means that the smoke traveling through your chimney will have an efficient passageway up and out of your home. All harmful emissions can exit directly from the crown of your chimney. It also helps to control acid corrosion and prevent damage. Another benefit of investing in ceramic coating is that it can also help you to avoid costly chimney repairs.

The Application Process

Ceramic coating is applied with a special sprayer. In most cases, it should be applied from the base to the top. This is because the spray runs down the chimney and can extend beyond the desired target range. The top area requires delicate attention, but the whole process can be finished within an hour. This step is generally repeated to ensure maximum results.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

  • Prevents overheating

  • Extends the lifespan of your chimney

  • Seals gaps

  • Minimizes heat loss

  • Saves energy

  • It’s cost-effective

  • Improved fire safety

Sealing the Chimney

Since certain parts of the chimney are more exposed to weather conditions like snow and rain, they may require extra layers of ceramic coating. In particular, this includes the chimney breast. Most ceramic coatings are water-based. One of the main reasons for this is that water-based materials tend to cost less and they’re simply the most ideal option for this task. Also, they’re generally safer to dispatch.

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When the colder seasons finally arrive, we all love to gather with family and friends around a warm fire, but poor chimney maintenance can lead to catastrophic consequences. Taking care of your chimney maintenance now means you can enjoy your fireplace all year long.

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If you have a fireplace, then you may already know about ceramic coating. But it’s not a paint, like you might imagine. Rather, think of it as an environmentally-friendly, protective skin that improves safety. Read on to learn more about some of the benefits of adding a ceramic coating to your fireplace.


HeatShield technology is a hybrid ceramic/refractory coating that was developed in Europe. Independent testing has proven that it withstands moisture, harsh flue gases, and extreme temperatures.


Eco-friendly products have gained in popularity, both for the environment and our own health. There’s no reason innovation can’t be green. Manufactured from recycled and natural materials, HeatShield is more economical than rebuilding your chimney. HeatShield ensures using your fireplace is safer, as well as more efficient.


The heat resistant qualities of ceramic coatings are well-known. HeatShield handles temperatures in excess of 2900 degrees Fahrenheit. Ceramic coatings also offer oxidization protection and chemical resistance, plus a firm finish. In fact, high-temperature ceramic coatings work in automotive parts, as well as heavy manufacturing equipment.


All of our independent HeatShield installers are certified and factory-trained. Whether your chimney needs a complete resurfacing, or a quick fix, our professionals have the tools and industry experience to get the job done right. They even use special video cameras to verify completed repairs.


You don’t need to install a new chimney liner. Adding a ceramic coating is a quick and affordable way to update your fireplace. Our highly skilled experts use professional products to ensure the best results for our clients. We hope you found this article helpful, and we’re happy to answer any further questions you may have. Ask our HeatShield professionals about our 20-year warranty.

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Your chimney plays a very significant role in the secure use of your fireplace or wood-burning heater. Many homeowners are amazed to hear that poorly-maintained flues and chimneys are in reality one of the common causes for home fires. When it comes to your firewood or gas-burning machine, there are plenty of parts that go into keeping your home safe, including the chimney liner.


Ceramic coating sprayed within your chimney blocks and plugs any gap or cracks, and coats an even ceramic layer which provides the correct passageway for the smoke and any harmful emissions to disband from the fire directly out the crown of your chimney. It also controls any further acid corrosion and prevents damage being done to the flue which not only ensures your chimney is protected to use but also puts your mind at rest that no expensive repairs will be needed.

It is applied with a sprayer. On the vertical walls, i.e. most of the chimney, it should be applied from base to top because as the material comes out of the sprayer it runs down the chimney and gets absorbed into the chimney underneath the area is working on. The top requires extra attention or it’d only obtain one pass. Afterward than you come to an end about 15 minutes’ worth, do it another time just to make sure the entire structure gets a good soaking.


  • Avoid Overheating of the Chimney and Lengthens Its Lifespan
  • Seals crack preventing heat loss, considerably saving heat energy
  • Excellent resistance to powdering
  • Forms gas-tight surface
  • Cost-Effective
  • Increases the security of a home, advance the operation of the fireplace and guard the smoke chamber


Since the chimney breast has a more brutal exposure to rain and particularly snow, it needs more coats of Ceramic coating. Most Ceramic coatings used these days are water-based material. This is for many reasons: First is that water-based materials cost significantly less than solvent-based materials. They are safer to dispatch, store and use and they are completely adequate to the task. The exception to the advantages is on non-vertical surfaces.


The chimney crown is a nearly flat surface and it’s completely made of concrete or mortar. It shouldn’t be made of mortar, but there is a good possibility that it is anyway. Based on what you’ve just read about ceramic coating the chimney breast, you’d logically think that you’d just use a solvent-based waterproofing material there.

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