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3 Common Questions About Dryer Vents

pleasant hill dryer vents

When it comes to air dryer vents, there are a lot of questions that homeowners and business owners have. Check out these Common Questions About Pleasant Hill dryer vents to see if you’re wondering the same things.

Do you have questions about dryer vent cleaning and why you need a professional vent cleaner? Some people don’t realize that the vent is different from the lint trap. But even if you understand the difference, it’s easy to forget that a dryer needs to be serviced too. So, these are answers to the 3 questions we hear the most often. Let’s dive right in!

1) Why do I need my dryer vent cleaned? I clean the lint trap all the time.

While cleaning the lint trap is also important, a vent cleaner will get to those hard-to-reach places that you may not even be aware of. Did you know that the dryer vent is actually a tube that connects to the back of your dryer? All of that hot humid air inside your dryer needs a way to escape.

One of the top reasons to schedule your Pleasant Hill dryer vents cleaning is that when enough lint accumulates it can become a fire hazard. Regular maintenance will also keep your appliance functioning properly and extend its lifetime.

2) My dryer vent is connected to the outside wall, so do I still need your services?

If a dryer vent from the back of the appliance directly to an exterior wall, the vent probably needs less frequent cleanings. However, if the venting system has multiple elbows, most certainly it will require much more frequent service from a professional Pleasant Hill dryer vents. This is because each elbow slows the venting process. As particles move more through the system, there is more accumulation with this design.

Additionally, households who have people with long hair or pets that shed will also need their venting system cleaned more frequently. Households that use dryer sheets need more maintenance too, as the dryer sheets leave a sticky residue in the venting system.

3) I have never cleaned my dryer vent and it seems just fine, should I worry?

Your dryer may seem like it’s working fine, but if you’ve never scheduled an appointment with a Pleasant Hill dryer vents cleaner, definitely have a specialist inspect your dryer as soon as possible. Essential home maintenance like dryer vent cleaning can actually save you money by preventing the need for repairs to your appliance, not to mention the fire risk of skipping regular appointments.

Some reasons to schedule a dryer vent cleaning:

  • Shorter drying times
  • Lower monthly energy bills
  • Skipping dryer maintenance is a dangerous fire risk
  • Save money: Clogged dryer vents put a lot of wear and tear on the appliance, leading to a higher risk of a breakdown.

Signs You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning

  • The dryer gets hot to the touch
  • Laundry takes longer and longer to dry
  • There’s lint behind the dryer

Talk to a Professional Pleasant Hill Dryer Vents

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