The Irish Sweep is still accepting calls to answer questions and schedule any service needs. However, no on-site visits are currently being conducted pursuant to the government's stay in place order. Please feel free to contact us at 510.521.4088 to get answers to your questions or schedule a future appointment.

Sanitary protocol

Sanitary protocol

The Irish Sweep’s infectious disease preparedness plan

In order to minimize exposure to the Covid-19 virus, we are instituting a sanitary protocol for the safety of our customers and staff.
In response to the virus, we have added a sanitation box to our van that contains spray disinfectant, paper towels, additional booties, gloves and hand sanitizer.

Our office manager, Sarah, will contact all customers, as a courtesy reminder.
She will ask if anyone is sick or been exposed to someone with covid-19.

Yes = Reschedule.
No = We will send you an email with thorough instructions.

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